Blog # 7 Can you live your life without a mistake?

You and I go through life with much expectations from all well-meaning people, parents, grandparents, teachers and friends who don’t want us to fall on our face; they don’t want us to get hurt, and of course, after all,  they don’t want us to make mistakes.

The question is: can you live your life without a mistake? Or, to put it bluntly, can you grow, as a human being, by not making mistake? It is a soul-searching question, is it not?

To me mistake is good from which we learn invaluable lesson in life, for which our lives become richer with experiences.

Someone has said: ” those who do not make mistakes usually don’t make anything.” Wow!

I find it so profound, so true!

Think about it for a second. We all have our dreams – big and small – in our lives to become someone, to do something of significance for ourselves and for others. But, we are often frozen, terrified, petrified to the idea of failure, of being hurt, of being ridiculed, and then we are not willing to take the first step toward that which we want to reach. We all forgot that falling on our face is a part of the progress to becoming great, to becoming successful. Remember, the people around us will have no problems telling us that we can’t do it, that we are going to fail, and that we are going to lose our shirts. . .the list goes on.

We all need to remember the Chinese proverb that says: ” A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step.” And that is all it takes, your first step.

Are you willing to? What is holding you back, my friend?

I remember years ago, 1987 to be exact, I was working at El Camino hospital in Mountain View, California – not as a physician – but a dishwasher and then promoted to be a  medical records clerk.

I also had my other part-time job as a handyman, both of which bring me good money and benefits for my family.

However, there is something in me that never seemed to be quite settled. it’s always nudging, gently stirring . ..  an inner voice, you might say, that is calling me to start my own business. It speaks to me at quiet time. it speaks to me in the middle of the night, as if saying :’ You are destined to be bigger, larger, greater  than where you are if you just take your first step.”That was it! I listened to it, my inner voice!

I then talked to my relatives, friends and bosses, all  the well-meaning people. Guess what? they all advised against it.  Here is my little secret for you.

Do not share your big dreams with your relatives for, out off their caring hearts, they will  tell you:” don’t do it. You’ll lose  your shirt . . .stay where you are, and it is  dangerous in the business world.”

Then I remembered the proverb; I took my first step! It wasn’t easy. Trust me, my faith was shaken. My confidence, like amber leaves in the autumn, begins to fall , one by one, off the tree. I can relate to those who gave up their dreams, let go of their goals. . and drifted back to their unfulfilled life simply because they were afraid to make mistakes.

Years later, after building my business, selling artificial flowers from my garage, freezing cold in the wintertime, scorching hot in the summertime to where I am today with two prominent furniture stores in Spokane, I can proudly say that it is worth every ounce of energy.  It is worth being shaken . . It is worth the risk taking the first step to becoming an entrepreneur, to reach my American dream.

My friend,

Take the risk.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

Remember, you have only one life to live, at least on this planet earth. Why not give it your best shot.

I am including here one of my favorite inspiring poems.

Enjoy and I wish you all the best.


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